Episode 2: Bottles and Bootleggers

Bottles and Bootleggers follows the exciting journey of smuggler Ben Kerr as he traverses the icy waters of lake Ontario during prohibition. He lands in Rochester, New York fueling Rochester’s alcohol craving. We investigate the ways alcohol is smuggled, how it's hidden and the ways it affects people. So, how far were Rochesterians willing to go to keep alcohol flowing, and how much violence and crime were they willing to tolerate?

We’d like to thank Morris Pierce for his interview. We’d also like to thank Daniel Mruzek, Kevin Vencatasamy, and Philip Cavallo for agreeing to be voice actors. And lastly, we’d like to thank Professors Thomas Fleischman and Stephen Roessner, our coordinating producer Celia Konowe, and the rest of our classmates in HIST227 Fall 2021 for always being there to give us advice and encouragement throughout the making of this podcast.

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